Hey all,

Investing in my first pedal. I got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and as many know the overdrive isn't it's best selling point, so decided to invest in a overdrive/distortion pedal to keep for the times needed. I can't really splash out hundreds of pounds at a pedal yet.

I came across Muza FD50 found: Here

Demo of the 11 pedal replica's can be heard Here

Apparently finding one can be tough but I have found one that's available to buy.

It seems it can generate the top sought after pedals (such as TS808, Big Muff etc) within itself. There seems to be 11 in total. The other option were the Digitech Tone Driver (but that seems to have less models than this one)

Just wondering what everyone's views on it were as I was keen to buy one, but a bit cautious before I asked some experts of the real pedals (TS808 etc) what they thought of the quality/sound?

Tbh i've never heard any of these pedals that "replicate" _____x of pedals in one actually sound decent.
The clips wont load for me, but in my experience distortion/OD modelling pedals tend to sound nothing like the real pedal. They would sound alright as a standalone, but when using it as a driver or booster it sounds wierd. Essentially it would be good for DI-ing

Although having said that, I want one :P
if you're buying used go and try it out.. and the same counts if your'e buying from a store..

that's why ordering stuff over the internet sucks :/
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Unfortunately I can't seem to find this pedal on internet stores, and there's only a couple of minor guitar shops around me which I doubt will stock these (seems discontinued?), hence why I came to ask you guys judging from that demo.
Listened to the samples and most of the models sound pretty sterile to me. They do reproduce the original pedals pretty well though (well the ones I know anyway), but I wouldn't buy it!

Rather go for single stompboxes anyway. Try a bunch out at your local store and see what you like. Or if you really really have to, get a multi FX pedal instead. You really don't need 11 overdrive pedal models!

edit: Except the big muff model sounds nothing like the original!
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