I know its like asking whether a dog or cat turd is better, but which of these speakers, celestion 70/80 or Randall Jaguar speaker is better?

The reason i ask i have a Celestion 70/80 gathering dust, and i have a Randall amp with a "Jaguar" speaker, im trying to decide if i should put the 70/80 in instead. Im a bit too lazy to try it and c which sounds better.

Thanks for your advice
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I believe the Jags are a low budget side project of Celestion. Kind of like Fender - Squier - Rogue thing. Truth be told though, it's not going make a big difference in which speaker you install. I would say buy a good new speaker for the best sound. If that's not an option, I would say flip a coin. I belive the Jags have a lower end thud to them, but the Celestions is an adaptation of the Classic Lead (which is in my top 3 fav Celestion speakers, the other two are Vintage 30s and Heritage). It offers a pleasing lift in the upper frequency spectrum, solid bass, and plenty of midrange. 80W power rating. Nice break up. All in all, if those are your only two options you have an assuming you only have a 112 cab (otherwise I say put both in it if same ohm) I would go with the CElestions if the Ohms match.
Ah damn yeah i forgot about that, the ohms prob wont match, its actually a 2x12, so that would have 16 Ohm speakers yeah?
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