Hey, dudes what up wit thee? Yea I have a Crate GX130C and a couple of months ago the amp just started randomly switching between the two channels and every time since then it's been doing that randomly. Also the chorus switch has been acting up similarly. My question is this, is it possible for me to take off the switch and replace it with a cool green light up switch that I have lying around, it's an spst toggle switch that's rated 3 amps at 125 vac, if not what can I do, I really don't have cash to go out and buy another one right now. Also can I do the same thing woth the chorus switch?
It's probably not the switch itself but an on-board relay that's the culprit! The switch would activate the relay by either applying the voltage to the relay coil or by grounding the relay coil. What may ahve happened is a bad solder joint that is making/breaking the coil circuit randomly causing you amp to switch back and forth. This will most likely require the schematic diagram and someone wiht troubleshooting experience to remedy.

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