I signed up for a class at school on this and it starts tomorrow (that is if all the snow suddenly disappears which it hopefully won't!) but I know nothing about classical. A friend of mine took it and he said it was hard for him to have the guitar on his right knee and finger pluck the strings (he's a little better than I am at electric).

I guess I'm trying to say how different is classical guitar from electric or acoustic? My favorite stuff to play is metal, but I like listening to classical and baroque music.
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I've never taken classes, but I can play that style quite well.

It's a huge difference, it's a whole new beast. You'll have to learn some right hand dexterity for finger picking and correct right hand technique. Also, start growing your nails, it helps something tremendous!

If your right handed, you should sort of strattle the guitar between your legs with your left leg between the upper and lower bout with the neck at about a 45* angle. It makes it easier on both hands, but it is something to work on. I'd suggest getting a foot stool, it'll help you out quite a bit.