Hey Guys

This is my first thread on here so hey

Right im in a bit of a pickle , im 17 yrs old and have been playing guitar for 5 years , now youd think id be ok at guitar but im not

I started lessons in school , and quickly picked up the jist of things , my guitar teacher taught me songs and how to read tabs ect , and i was pretty good .

Now im a bit older and wanting to play my own tunes

so I sat down with a few friends and started playing

Then someone asked me what key i was in ( i didnt have a clue , couldnt have even told you what a key was!) i needlessly said wtf is a key ??

so once that was explained we started again , then someone said dude try a solo in a pentitonic scale . now that was it i didnt have a clue of any scales or anything .

And my confedence was shreded

now im trying to learn all these scales and stuff and dont know where to start

Can anyone help me??

Thanks to anyone that does

Buy a book. One of those dummies books or something.

Then, when you learn to read music, buy this:

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I'd recommend Grading books (1-8)
You don't have to take the exams... but there's some useful info in there.
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Help me out guise!!1!
A good place to start may be the Musician's Talk forum...

Or "The Ultimate Guide to Guitar" (see my sig )

There's a book - a kind of do it yourself at home coursebook on theory called "Theory For The Contemporary Guitarist." I'd highly recommend it. It's a great place to start learning all of the stuff you discussed here and more. It helped me tons as I've been self taught for years. I will say that you don't NEED theory to play well or even exceptionally well with others IF you develop your ear well enough, but it does help you to develop sureness in your playing as you don't have to hesitate or over think where you're going next in terms of notes. Although playing outside the box is nice sometimes and necessary others. You gotta find the balance.
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I'm actually in the same position as yours.

In here there are a lot of interactive lessons, for everything :



Its best to start with the major pentatonic.Its the only scale I know infact, but like you, I've only started a few months ago , and at least I can pull out solos from that scale.

Other than that, tabs will help and Guitar Pro

(Its easy to "un-trial" it, if you get me )

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A good place to start may be the Musician's Talk forum...

Or "The Ultimate Guide to Guitar" (see my sig )


This. ZeG's guide has cause my knowledge of music theory to sky rocket. Adds inches to your... guitar?
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A good place to start may be the Musician's Talk forum...

Or "The Ultimate Guide to Guitar" (see my sig )


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