I am a drummer/pianist who has recently picked up a guitar and is attempting to learn it. A lot of my experimental sounding keyboard riffs and arrangements consist of unusual "bunched up" chords, so, I've mentally devised a "chromatic tuning" for guitar. I don't need to know if it's SMILED upon (experimental music rarely is), just if it's technically do-able. I will change string gauges if necessary.

I envision the tuning as follows:

Low bass string moves from E UP to A
And every string after it follows chromatic suit with the A (Bb, B, C, Db,D)

Is this possible without damaging my guitar? Would I need to use some unusual strings (Really heavy? Really light? I haven't really looked into string mechanics...)

Also, a variant of this tuning would be to find the Chromatic Tuning note in the same octave that the Standard Tuning string is in. The notes would still technically be chromatic, but the octaves would be catered to better suit the different strings. Is this second method more....sane?

Your opinions/advice are muchly appreciated.


well, i guess its possible, although having each string only a half step up from the next would severely limit the the notes you could play. I would not suggest it, but hey if you want too...

And you probably would have to get special string gauges, or else your strings would be noodles.

You know what, that idea actually sounds hella funky. I think i might have to steal it from you
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possible but it will be way to much tension on the neck IMO.
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