Ok so I just looked through 7 pages and was utterly shocked and disappointed to have never seen an August Burns Red thread.

Please discuss, this band is amazing! I heard they were in the process of writing a new album. Any word on it?

If by some chance I over-looked an exsisting thread, I appologize.
My mistake, but if I can ask, what did you type in? I've tried "August Burns Red" "August Burns Red thread" and just about every variation you can think of and nothing ever came up.

I appologize

some one please close this thread
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you have to change search options to search for all terms, otherwise itll just give you every single thread the band is even mentioned in
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or better yet, click the search button(to the left of the search bar), on the drop down thing on the left make it "search thread titles", then put in the band name.