Sometimes when recording, i find it hard to play that tight as i want it. I have been playing for 3 years now. So, any of you got som advice on how to develop your rhythm skills? Just playing to a metronome all the time is good i guess, but is that all i can do?

possibly find a complex rhythm and practice to read/play it. It's just not the same if you play quarters with a metronome, even if you're correct, you could play it for 10 years and feel no improvement. So, you could possibly write down your own rhythm aswell, and then practice reading it, playing a rhythm on an open string, and then strumming in that rhythm. Possibly add on some chord progression later on.

Here's a lesson I wrote on techniques for practicing with a metronome. Give it a read.

Another important piece of advice I can give to improve your rhythm is to learn songs by other bands and artists you like, especially simpler songs. This will allow you to focus less on learning and playing the actual parts correctly and more on attaining a certain feel and rhythm with your playing. Also do this with your own recorded backing tracks along to a metronome or drum beat. Play them over and over and over again. Take a simple phrase or chord progression and just jam on it, improvising a little here and there to make it interesting. But keep it simple so you can focus more on your rhythm than on nailing the notes and chords.

And another bit of advice I can give is try to get used to tapping your foot to the beat while you play. This can be difficult for some players, especially beginners, because you're now learning to play one rhythm with your hands while keeping a straight, sometimes separate rhythm with your foot, but it becomes very beneficial to be able to do this as your playing progresses, and also when you're trying to keep a very precise rhythm (while recording, for instance).
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