it's hard to make an amp sound "better" but you could tighten it up with an Ibanez TS9 or another overdrive of the sort.

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A little reverb can do miracles, don't know if there's reverb on the amp. Chorus also works well on you clean sound and you can buy a overdrive/boost/tubescreamer to tighten up your overdrive channel.

A lot of people also say an EQ helps with improving your sound, never tried it but I think a lot of people are gonna say this.
EQ is the only way to make the amp sound better... just fiddle around with the settings until you're pleased
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It's a great amp, im sure just messing with the EQ by turning it maybe 15 mins if you look at it as a hour clock.

For distortion, running a Ts-9 and ISP Decimeter noise reduction has become a standard for me to improve sound (with a very very high gain settings)

Having an FX board probably wont improve your sound as much as just give you more sounds to use.

I am assuming you have a nice guitar, i mean a 100$ squier through that amp might not be toooo nice :p
i wouldn't buy any overdrive-style pedals without trying them with your own amp first; not all engls take (or indeed, need) "tightening-up" (or, indeed, overdrive) pedals all that well.

decimator would be cool if you use a lot of high gain. i use mine in front, though, not in the loop. try it in both places to see where it sounds best...
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