My ears have gotten better and I'm not getting the tones I want out of my current gear any more. Also I'm tired of hauling a pedal board and tons of cables around and wasting time hooking stuff up through effects loop, cables running everywhere, etc. I'm thinking about getting a Vypyr 30 or 75 and Sanpera II. Got a couple questions about the Vypyrs:

I use a compressor pretty often, but it looks like the compressor (Squeeze) on the Vypyr can't be used at the same time as the other stompbox modelers. To do this would it work to just run a separate compressor in front of the amp? I already have a DOD Milkbox compressor.

I may want the USB and Powersponge features in the 75, but is the Vypyr 30 loud enough to get over drums? I play in a church band that mostly plays contemporary Christian rock. It's pretty loud but the drummer is not overly aggressive and everything is miced to PA so I wonder if the 30 will work. I want it to be "loud enough" if needed, but also tame enough to practice with at home at night very quietly.
The Vypyr will be loud enough but it wont sound that well loud. Because the more watts you have, the better its gonna' sound louder.
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I use pedals in front of my Vypyr and they sound fine so I think your compressor will work fine with it. If you're not gonna record with it the 30 should be all you need.
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