Well, I snagged this black widow last night. It's Michael Kelly Patriot Shadow. I'm really impressed by it. A high gain LP style guitar. It's a great guitar for the money. Feels great to play - no sharp fret ends and solid rock tones. High output pickups, which I didn't expect to like, but well I do, actually.

It will be a good contrast to my other guitars, which are all single-coil.

Threw some photos up too - http://www.flickr.com/photos/dolphinstreet/3211298395/
Warning for Guitar Faces in those photos!

I'll be putting up some clips of it soon on my website.

I'm happy with it! A lot of guitar for very little money. Should be fun to use on the upcoming gig on Saturday.
nice! how much did it set you back?
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Michael Kelly's are awesome. They should be recommended more around here. Looks Great!

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Thanks, I'm gigging with it on Saturday. Should be fun!

It doesn't compare with my other newly acquired guitar, a Suhr Classic, but then price point is slightly different between the two...