Hello, Pit. I just ant to know some of your dreams that you want to come true. They can be about anything (relationships, accomlishments, what have you). Mine is to one day wake up, look over and see a sleeping girl and know that thats exactly where she belongs and that i'm exactly where i belong. Go!!!
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As I've seen the UGers... (though it's short period of time).
I'm pretty sure there'll be someone posting "My dream is this thread fails"
[Maybe I've become too negative ]
Similar to yours really, if I was being near sighted about it i'd say: Wake up on saturday morning with £2500 and then my Dad offering to take me to a guitar shop, then getting a message from a drummer and a bassist in my area who want to help me finish making a band and then by the end of the day to casually notice that i've lost loads of weight.

... probably a situation specific dream though really.

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To wake up to the sight of my dream woman, the sound of our kids playing outside and to know that i dont have to go to work because im successful enough to have ppl work for me. Then we'll all go fishing or something..
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That ones easy:

Occupational Goal: Become rockstar
Financial Goal: Rockstars get paid alot
Relationship Goal: Something toxic where we both destroy eachother in sinful bliss

... a six pack wouldn't hurt, but I'm in good shape and I hate my GF, so I'm on my way
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Quote by hayan
As I've seen the UGers... (though it's short period of time).
I'm pretty sure there'll be someone posting "My dream is this thread fails"
[Maybe I've become too negative ]

Post another negative comment and you'll become Positive!

But yea, for it's the same as you people. To wake up with my perfect wife right next to me.
For the girl I like to start talkin' to me.

A sweet ass guitar.
A sweet ass amp.
Some sweet ass effects.
A stage.
A tour.
Ass loads of money.
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
I wish that a really nice house will be foreclosed by the time I graduate from college so I can buy it for a really low price.

I also wish that I will end up choosing the right major for me and not manage to over-alienate my boyfriend with my violent mood swings.
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I'd wake up cuddling someone sweet and curvy. Someone that will sing to me whenever I run my hands over her. To give me the confidence to try new things wherever we are.
Someone like this.
Thank you for sharing my dream.
I hope that I'll be able to give my children what my parents were able to give me... basically.
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