Trance Hop: You've got some really nice guitar licks on this track and I really like the tone of your guitar. I think the guitar could maybe come up a little bit in the mix. The song reminds me of Nine Inch Nails a little bit.

Sludge: I really digg the vibe this song, probably my favorite of the tracks you have listed, I like the tone of the bass and again, you've got some really awesome guitar licks.

Overall some really cool ideas, I would love to hear what the full length tracks sound like. Good work!

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First off, get rid of the 3 in the link lol, it was leading me to the home myspace page

Trance Hop: I like the feel of this one a lot, I would change the drum beat when it changes and you start sweep picking? I would change it to basically half time, so from bass on every quarter to more like half notes

Sludge: I like the guitar work in this, a lot of wah and delay it seems like it
sounds like sludge in an awesome way
I would turn up the bass or rhythm guitar, whichever one it is though, i like that groove, and it needs to be more up in the front imo

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