Ok, so I've decided it's time to upgrade my gear, but in order to do that, i need to get rid of the old gear; essentially my entire set up is for sale:

1) Ibanez DTX120 - in black, one of the many destroyer reissues, this was from 2002. It's in generally pretty good shape, a few small dents and scratches on the sides, but otherwise fine. Had it 3 years, but i just bought a new guitar and don't have room for two, so unfortunately it has to go.

2) Laney TF300 - 120W, 1x12, 3 channel hybrid amp. I've never gigged it, but i bought this second hand 2 and a half years ago, and can't remember what previous owner used it for. Rarely gets used anymore, since it is much to loud for my purposes.

3) Carlsbro Kick start bass 25 - not really expecting anyone here to go for this, but i'll list it anyway. Small bass amp, got as a starter. Never gigged, but it has taken quite a beating over the years. Haven't used it much since starting uni (2 and a half years ago) so can't really tell you what it sounds like.

Might also be looking to sell my POD but that depends on whether the offer is good enough.

All of this is pickup only
. I live in manchester.

Would prefer cash, as most of the new gear i'm looking for is worth far more than this stuff, but would take something like a warwick profet 3.2 or similar. Feel free to suggest anything, but expect me to turn it down.

So, make me some offers.

PS. will get pics up when i can. I don't own a camera, so it won't be straight away.
If it doesn't sell here, it'll go on eBay.
Sorry i haven't checked up on this in a while, had exams and all.

Exterminatus, what are the details on the 7? I'm probably not interested (got a x50pro in my sights...) but it might be worth it?

Ideally, i'd like to get around £130 for the destroyer, but if you're interested, make me an offer.
Sorry, I'm after a fixed bridge really. Only have room for one guitar, and i tend to change tunings a bit, so a floyd would get a bit annoying.
What colour is the Destroyer? Is it a fixed bridge?

I live in manchester also and am interested. Once u get pics, or maybe i could come try it out, i'll most probably take it. What neck is it? Im looking for a thin neck.
It's black, fixed bridge (stop-tail), neck is pretty thin, but i don't think it's a wizard/wizard II neck. 22 fret, AANJ, maple w/ rosewood fretboard. It's pretty comfortable to play, more so than most 'exotic' shapes, but does suffer from a little neck-dive.
oooh... neck dive as in...? Fixd with truss rod adjustment, or is it ****ed?

Be honest with me here lol.
no, neck dive as in the neck is rather heavy (basswood body) and when you're playing it, the neck tends to dive downwards toward the ground.
oooooohhhh righto. I'd like to try before i buy anywho, so we'll soon find out I dont mind SG's so i'm assuming i wont mind this. How is it for tuning?
Tuning stability is fine as long as the strings arn't too old. Easy as pie to re-string and retune. Could probably do with a setup tho, as the intonation is a little off and there's a little fret buzz on frets 1-4 on the E.
Kinda lost interest a little bit here, could probably do with controlling the GAS a bit more lol.

Sorry to waste your time!
Which POD is it? Might be interested if its a POD XT.

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whoops, forgot to check on this thread for a while...Fraid it's only a POD 2.0
Pickup only mate - i don't have stuff for good packing, and wouldn't want it to get damaged in the post.