So I was reading the "Rules and FAQ <- READ BEFORE POSTING OR GET BANNED" thread... and I saw this about effects:

The purpose of the effects loop is that the effects in the loop are placed after the preamp. Because the preamp is where the distortion (second channel) takes place, and some people like to have modulation effects after the distortion, so they put them in the effects loop. If the only distortion you use is power amp saturation, you can't have any effects after that, but if you use the preamp distortion, that is what the effects loop is for.

Then follows a drawing showing a distortion, fuzz, and wah pedal in between the guitar and amp, and chorus, flange, and delay pedals in the FX loop.

Now, all I have is a practice amp - all I can afford, really. One unit, pretty small, with a distortion button, and only one input (and output for phones), so no FX loop. I see that I could use the the distortion, wah, and fuzz pedals, as they plug in between the guitar and amp... but what about the other effects? Can I use them on an amp with only one input? Or does the amp have to have an FX loop?

I apologize if the answer is blatantly obvious in the quote, but I'm really unfamiliar with amplifier terminology
you can use them without the effects loop
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The effects loop is for that type of pedal, but its more of a luxury than a necessity. You can easily use those pedals. I'd stay away from a reverb one tho, reverb should be after any distortion...
Thanks - forgive me if I sound stupid... but what if I got a dist pedal too? Would the reverb work then? Or could I only use the 'verb on clean?

I want a distortion pedal as soon as I can get one anyway, because I hate having to pause during songs to go from clean to dist
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I presume the reverb is on the amp? If so, if its ON it'll be ON whatever effect pedal you use.
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No, I've only got distortion on the amp.

But there is reverb on the clean channel, right?
Sorry for late reply...

No, there's no reverb or anything on the clean channel. It just sounds... clean. All I have is clean/distorted, via a big grey button.

This is the amp in question:

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