Hey all...

I've been playing guitar on and off for quite a few years, and have a basic grasp of theory, rythm and lead guitar.

For reasons that I myself am not quite sure off (neither does my shrink) I've been feeling a strong urge to just start over, this time autodidact-styyyle (yo!) with a book. But not just a regular book...

I'm looking for an insturctional book (CD/DVD/VCR addition is also welcome) that is been widely considered as THE BEST (if not for the quality of material, then for just turning many people "on" about guitar playing). There are so many good books on the market- from the blues guitar to funk to metal...

I look for the most basic book that will eventually lead potential readers to playing some bad-ass (or good-ass, I like all music) Rock/Reggae/Folksy music in general (not country, but just the stuff you hear around the camp-fire- Bob Marley is also a favourite choice of mine)....

My goal is to be able to play chords, but not just the basic A/C/D on the first few frets, but to know the variations and just having fun playing Hendrix songs (I won't be able to compose nor am I a big fan of the whole shredding guitar fashion)...

Hope there is such a thing, thank you very much for your time.
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get the different volumes of 'the guitar grimoire'
most amazing set of books i've ever seen. each book is dedicated to something different
scales and modes
practice regimens
chords and voicings
i think one more
and about three dvd's as well.
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