Hiya guys!
I'm Mueslibol (obvious xD) and I'm 15 years old.
I'm new here on UG and I play guitar for like... 2,5 years.
My first 2 years were only acoustic but now I decided to go electric.
I shoulda've done this step more early actually xD
But I'm the brother of BaBaBoeGaH and I've made this account on the same IP so...
Am I now going to be banned or what?
My brother's not here (he's sleeping over his girlfriend) and he told me of UG.
But he didn't tell if I could make an account withouth the risk of being banned =(
Cheers guys, and rock on!!
You should PM (private message) a moderator as soon as possible. Hopefully they'll go easy on you

And yes good luck, just without the '(y)'.

And one of the account will have to be removed/banned.
We're gonna need a Social Security number and picture ID of you and your brother... Just to confirm this, you know?

all sorted, you and your bro wont be banned for multiple accounts
from daylight...
...into darkness