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Beginners Song Program Version 4.0

Hey guys!
I've finally finished working on the new version of the list! This, to me, is probably the best, as well as most advanced version of the program. It uses multiple features to create an interative experience and one that helps guitarists build up there skills.

Of corse, there may still be a few minor bugs, small things I've missed out, however, please post all these errors in this thread and ill address them as soon as I can.

Ok, So lets go over some of the features.

Visitor Features
  • Better URL! The new URL is Which is alot better than the previous URLs (which were long and hard to remember).
  • Better, cleaner design and layout. The new layout is designed to fit on your browser without the need to scroll down. Therefore, there are no longer any massive lists, no having to scroll down through 700 or so records to look for songs.
  • Recently Added List. The recently added list has been kept from the previous version, and should be working more efficiently now.
  • Leaderboard. In the previous version, the leaderboard had to be updated manually (mainly because it wasnt originally designed to have a leaderboard and therefore, needed SQL to manually count and store points. Now, whenever a song is submitted, the point is added.
  • Moderators. To provide some recognition to the users who help maintain the list, the "moderator" list has become default (no need to press a link to view users).
  • Ajax Options. Because some people may not like the AJAX features, you now have the ability to turn it off. The might help some users view the list and get around the site more faster.
  • Reporting feature This new feature allows you to report songs that are posted by advertisers, robots, and stupid visitors. These can then be brought to the attention faster of a moderator.

My Development
The "My Development" is a brand new feature introduced to this new version. Its gone a step further in guitar training, and has been fully integrated into the main songs list.
The "My Development" program allows you to create a list of songs, scales and lessons which you can use to learn new skills and songs on the guitar. This new sub program has alot of advanced features:
  • Adding Songs: To add a song to your development list, you need to search for a song on the main list. Once you've found one, click it and look towards the bottom of the page where it says Add To Plan. Click this, fill out the form and click Add.
    This will now be added to your development plan.
  • The "My Development" homepage. After logging in, you will be presented with your development list. On the left, you have your navigation menu, which allows you to access your list, add scales, change settings, and logout.
    Further below that you will see a red dashed box. This will display your overall progressed based on the information you provide about the songs in your list.
  • Editing a song You can edit songs on your list by clicking "Edit" next to the corrisponding song. This will bring up the edit form. On this form, you can change the title of the song, which section you want the song to go under (IE: easy, harder, challenging... You can create your own sections). One of the main things to point out is the Progress form. You can use this to pick out how far you are to learning the particular song / scale / lesson.
    Another point is the start and end dates. You can use these to construct a time scale of how long you want it to take to complete the learning of the song / scale / lesson. You can then use this tool to see if you are on track or not.

My Development - Signing up
To sign up: Its incredibly simple to signup. Ideally, all you need to provide an email address, although this isn't required.

Enter (or dont) an email email address into the box provided. Then click the "Create" button. This will instantly provide you with a pin number on the same page. This will be your account number, and to login, all you need to do is enter this number into the login box.

Warning: If you do not enter your email address, if you forget your pin, your development list will be lost.
Your email address will not be sold / given away / lost / displayed / etc to anyone. It will remain only on my server, and only very trusted, limited volunteers who must undergo blackbook checks on Ultimate-Guitar will have access to it.

Ajax Features
The new version utilizes more AJAX than any previous version. For those that dont know what AJAX is, here is a brief description.
AJAX stands for asychronous Javascript and XML. It is a programming language which communicates constantly with the server to provide rich, interactive content on the website.

In effect, it removed the need to constantly refresh your browser to load up new content.

This has been a minor feature since version 2 of the program, and has been fully integrated into version 4.

The new ajax features include:
  • Search Suggestions For those who have used iGoogle, whenever you type something into the search box, it automatically suggests search terms. This new version uses this technology to suggest artists / titles / usernames / tunings whenever you submit a song.
    These suggestions pop up in a small box below the input box. If you see the artist etc that you want to use, you simply need to click on the name of it, and it will automatically insert into into the input box (to save you typing it all in yourself).

  • Automatic status When you add a song, report a song, add a song to your plan, you will be able to view whether it was successfully accepted by the server or not, without having to refresh the page, or redirect the browser to another page.

  • Searching for songs The song search feature has undergone a major change. In previous versions of the site, everytime you entered a new character into the search box, it would automatically refresh the list. This created big loads of the server, and slowed down browsers. With the new version, it will only update the song list if you enter a space, or click the search button. This will improve loading times and reliability.

  • Displaying Songs Songs are now displayed in a page format instead of a huge list. there are 17 songs per page. This again, will make loading of song lists faster.

  • Default list When you click on "guitar songs", "bass songs" or "lessons" the entire list is displayed (paged) by default. To reduce this list, enter an artist / title etc.

Unfortunatly, this was not something I wanted to introduce. However, there has been a massive increase in visitors to the site in recent month, and therefore has increased the amount of bandwidth (and time spent building and maintaining the application). Therefore I have introduced advertising (by google).

However, If anyone would like to advertise on the site, such as selling guitars online, advertising your own website etc, you may do so, for the cost of £1 per day (payable through paypal). You can choose how many days you wish to post an advert.

Also, you may provide your own adverts / banners / towers etc, or I will be able to create a simple one for your. For more information, please PM me.

(also please click on adverts you are interested in as it will help me out with paying for the server )

Administration Tools
The new version has a more advanced administration panel. This new panel allows moderators to quickly, and much more easier than before find mallicious entries (posted by bots etc) and delete from the list.
Therefore, please dont post these types of songs, as they will be deleted promptly

Other than that, thats it!
I hope you enjoy the new program, as it took alot of time programming it and making sure it runs smoothly.

If you do find a bug, or something i've missed, please post it in this thread and ill try fix it as soon as possible.

If you would like to help out with the program, please either post in this thread, or PM me directly.
You will need to undergo Ultimate-Guitar Blackbook checks, so if you have been banned from Ultimate-Guitar in the past, please note, you probably wont be accepted.
If you get a PM back from me, then you have, if you dont, then you havent.

Been away, am back
This is great Logz, really improved the navigation and admin section on this program

However, there are a couple of small glitches:

When you move through the song list pages, the page link that disappears isn't the page you are on, but the one before, e.g if you are on page 3 then the link for page 2 disappears and the link for page 3 is still there.

On the predictive text for the artist field when entering or amending a song, it overlaps the field below and can be hard to read

When reported songs are disabled from the list, they remain on the reported list. Is there a way you can make them automatically unreport once we have deleted them?

I can't find where to enter scales

Thanks again for all the work you've done on this program, I haven't found any major glitches so the programming is pretty solid
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1) Yea, the bug with the page links seems to be a problem with my maths Ill work on it later today

2) Ill try a workaround of the popup and see if i can do anything about it

3) Thats pretty simple, ill do a quick edit later on today, wont take more than a minute.

4) Scales -> Login to "my development" click "add to list", click "add scale.
Ill work on making a better link for it, and adding a section on the admin pages

Thanks for the comment
I've still got to test it in a few different browsers, I dont think it works very good in opera or something, cant remember which one. But ill also test out loading times. Hopefully, it should be better than the previous version.
Been away, am back

It works well in Safari and Firefox (what I've used it in) haven't found any browser sspecific bugs as yet.
It works well so thanks for the continuation of upgrading the program!

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

Wow, it has become so much better since I last visited.
Thanks a lot!!!
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Dunno what's wrong, but when i try to go into the My Development section, the page loads but quickly changes back to the home page. When i do manage to get to the proper page (by stopping the browser manually) it gives me the message "You have left this session" and the links on the side don't do anything :S
When you login, and click the "stop" button, does the URL have a part in it which looks something like :



Also, What browser are you using?
Been away, am back
Ok, try it now, see if you still get redirected.
Where the timer WAS, there should be a load of random text like

exp => 10454934

or whatever, can you copy and paste that into here please
Been away, am back
Array ( [uid] => 109 [pin] => [start] => 1232972157 [exp] => 1232973537 )

OMFG I DIDNT GET LOGGED OUT! And it actually shows the song i added. sweet! G2G bed, just lurkin at night
Cool. Theres a bit of tinkerin I need to do, so whenever your next on, can you:
1) Try to login
2) Tell me if you get logged out instantly
3) If you dont, is the countdown timer working
4) Also copy and paste the sme array information into here please (But remove the number to the right of "pin"
Been away, am back
Can you copy and paste the array data if you can please.

If the [start] and [exp] numbers are the exact same it will be a problem with the PHP program, if the [exp] number is bigger than the [start] number, it will be a problem with the javascript.
Been away, am back
Ok, for the time being, i think it may be a problem with your internet browser. It allows me to login to your account fine with IE.

At the moment, ill do a little custom coding and remove the count-down timer from your account, which should stop you getting automatically logged out after 22 minutes.

If anyone else has this problem, please let me know.
Been away, am back
Still doesn't work with IE7 LOL Maybe somethings wrong with my account How do you know which one my account is anyway?
lol. The accounts all run off the same program
Ill fix yours up today. Should be able to access it in a few hours.
I know which one your account is because your username is in your email address.
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Hey Logz, when i'm just browsing the guitar songs tab, the number og the previous page disappears.

example: I'm on page 3, and the numbers on the bottom read 1 3 4 5 6 7 etc. Page 2 is gone, but page 3 still shows up.

btw, i'm using IE if that helps
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Quote by bv310
Hey Logz, when i'm just browsing the guitar songs tab, the number og the previous page disappears.

example: I'm on page 3, and the numbers on the bottom read 1 3 4 5 6 7 etc. Page 2 is gone, but page 3 still shows up.

btw, i'm using IE if that helps

Cheers Ill be workin on it shortly, but its a problem with my math and php operators It shouldnt take too long to fix
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hey i think i found a problem...when ever i searched for an artist (metallica) on guitar songs it said 14 results but the song names did not show up...

edit when i clicked do not use ajax it worked...

EDIT EDIT ok once i clicked use ajax again it work lol i dont know what was wrong dude but like the program
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hmm strange. Its showing all 14 for me :s
Is it doing it for all artists or just metallica? Are you sure its just not taking a while to load up? and also what browser are you using and are you using AJAX?

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Quote by DoubleyouW
What's the point of this website? =S
looks interesting

Well, the title of the thread kinda says it all.
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oops... I searched a song thinking I was actually finding a song... turns out I added "Heather's Song" by Andy McKee. Definitely not a beginner song... sorry about that.

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:S lol, ive been getting a 404 error now. Unless the url changed *goes to check if i have the right url*

edit: lol as usual, i didnt have the right url
Sorry guys,
Dont know whats happening with the server at the moment, about 5 minutes ago it was working fine, then pages started dissapearing, so after a server reboot, it completely crashed.

Some guys are looking into it at the moment.
Been away, am back
Quote by travs2448
is it back up yet

I've been trying for a little while but I can't get on either.
Hello, I'm having trouble logging in. It automatically just says I've been logged out and redirects me back to the home page. I looked on the first page of the stuff you wrote but I didn't really understand it. I have no timer or anything. No strange random text. I'm using firefox, can you please help me?
I remember when I used to help out with checking if songs were good for beginners. Massive change on hte program from the old 2.something i was looking at.

Great job man!
Quote by bongy0
I am totally confused by this program. I clicked a link in it, and it took me to a page about some kind of computer game.


Can you give me the URL of the page where that link is?
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Just wanted to say, apologies for not doing this for so long. I had quite a lot of college commitments and this slipped out of my mind.
No worries B.M

However, I am thinking of shutting the server down. My monthly expenditure on other things is alot and the server is costing me £60 a month (I host my other websites on it as well ).

Ill have to see how it goes.
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