this is a prog metal song i wrote in like a week. and i love the drumming in it. i'm not a drummer, but music theory helps a lot. Questions and comments. Will Crit 4 Crit.

EDIT: I've added the Lyrics to the folder, so people can get an idea of that, yeah.
Savior in a Tragedy.zip
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First off, thanks for the crit

Okay, Opening your song.

I like the opening guitar hook, but the repetitive eighth notes behind the hook is just that... repetitive.

I like bar 33, it takes a turn toward a more metal/eerie side. I love it.

The Break, I would recommend different chords than descending chromatic chords, but the part at bars 51-53 definite keeper. They rule, lol.

This song is definitely catchy if that's what you're going for, the catchy-ness kicks in right at the chorus. You have a pretty cool strumming pattern.

The solo ventures out of it's key alot, however. Looks like you've got pretty much a I - iii progression going on (1 - flat3), and you should look into using the scale of the 1 or b3 (G & Bb). That's a nice progression for an aeolin or dorian mode.

I like the clean bridge as well, but you could expand and maybe add some fingerpicking/strumming so it doesn't sound so bland. The bass break and drums were cool though.

I like break 3 a lot. Sounds like it has a really cool progression. In Solo 2 it sounds like you can solo better over this progression you have going on, but there are still some slip ups. The rhythms for the solos are really good, but the notes just don't follow the key sometimes.

I love bars 205-208! That bass solo is a little extravagant, but more so I love the rhythm guitar behind it. Chugging + Bass solo usually = awesome.

You should do something else with the outro besides just repeat the intro, like just cut all the outro until bar 241, where it's a little modified reprise of the intro. I recommend cutting all the outro until bar 241.

Overall 7.5/10
-Stay in key during solos
-Don't bring back the same melody too much
-Liked your breakdown-y sections. Expand on those and write more of them in.
4/4 is just so boring. <_<
the 1st solo is in in the key of d minor, the 2nd solo is in the key of c minor. what did u think of the drums.
I liked what I heard, but I dont have guitar pro so I couldnt see the notes and had to listen to it in Windows media, it was really good, but the intro was really repetitive do you have any lyrics for it?
I didn't have guitar pro and I don't know where the lyrics are lol, but I liked the song. Maybe a bit long, but not TOO long. sounds fine