Hey guys, i just have a quick question about my amp. as you can probably tell by the title, it's everybody's favorite amp on the forums.....drum roll please......its a LINE 6!!!! technically a line 6 Spider III 30watt.

now, before you get the stupid stones out, im well aware of how crappy they are. the thing is just for practice until i can waste 4+ paychecks on a decent size amp that will most likely break my back with its immense weight.

anyway, onto the problem. you all know that the spider III has effects already installed onto the head (again, i know theyre crap, blah blah). well, the knob that has the sweep echo/tape echo/reverb is a little screwy. for example, when i turn on the amp, the presets on the amp already give me reverb (which isn't surprising, because its what i want on it in the first place). but when i turn the knob to turn off the reverb, i go through through the other 2 effects before they all shut off (does that make sense?)

now recently, when i turn the knob, the effect stays on tape echo, even when i turn the knob all the way to the left (which is supposed to turn all the effects on the knob "off")

my question is, is this something that can be fixed? obviously it has something to do with the electronics in the head, but i dont know if this is something screwy that will warrant me sending the amp into the incinerator.......which i dont want to do (for now).

any help would be appreciated. thanks!
You could try cleaning the potentiometer (knob) with something like this

This is assuming that it's just a dirty contact of course.
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I've heard of a lot of Spiders doing that. My cousins did too. I have no idea what to do with it, just saying I've seen it before.
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Don't know if it'll work or not but I think there's a way to reset all the presets etc. on Spider IIIs, maybe that'd help? I think the instruction manual is available online and should have how to do it. Good luck!
yeah, i tried the reset already. occasionally it works, but sometimes it doesnt do anything at all

but thanks for reminding me, i forgot to mention that part.

but ill try some of the tun-o-wash. hope it works