Hello all!

me and a buddy of mine are starting a band. i play rythem guitar, he will be doing vocals.

what we are looking for is a Funky, Metal-ish, Hip Hop group.

along the lines of RATM.

we are looking for a bassist that is looking to have fun, and play some funky bass riffs. bass player may need to fill the void of the other guitar player!! we may just stick with one guitar for now, but we may be interested in another for more advanced soloing and ****.

we are also looking for a drummer. Right now we have been making drum beats using Pro Tools/Fruity Loops. the drums have the basic structure of hip hop, but we are also looking for some creativity. we will be playing heavy break downs like in metal, and will be soloing here and there.

any other questions let me know!!!!

P.S. I think we should get a female to do some singing, but havent discussed it with the other vocalist so keep that in mind!