This is probably my favorite song yet. It has nicely textured acoustic parts, a heavy prog breakdown, very catchy chorus, and a long melodic solo. Kicks of with a nice clean section and a flowing bass solo then doesn't look back. Please check it out, and let me know what you think.

I wouldn't exactly call this song metal, although there are some parts with heavy influence. The style I really go for is the catchy hooks of rock choruses and verses, while mixing it with the technicality of metal musicians. Its an interesting combination.
Pale Abstract.zip
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I liked that.

I think that the intro, while it works quite nicely in there, might be better suited if it was expanded into a seperate song, because I think you could make quite a lot more out of them.

At 1:25, that bit seems to jar with me a bit. I'm not sure quite why, because when you repeat that later on it sounds okay to me. But something about it doesnt sound right to me.

The soloing at about 2:50 has quite a Trivium feel to it, which would sound out of place if it was made much longer, but it works quite nicely like that.

The solo near the end sounds great, but I think it would sound a little better if it finished on that last arpeggio (some kind of diminished, I think it is), rather than going down the fretboard for a while first.
Thanks for the crit! Hmm was it the sudden pauses that jarred you? Anyways, trivium wasn't what I was aiming for but I'll take it. My main influences were probably phantasmagoria and x japan, with a little early human abstract.
Very nice.
Very creepy. The intro gave some feelings of evil, and some feelings of solitude, it was almost nervewracking, but thank god I don't take songs that literal. The intro could be a sound track in a horror movie.

Bars 45-48 were really cool. I liked those a lot. I liked the 6/4 time part as well as the 8/4. Working with other time signatures is always impressive to me, even though I never do it. Haha.

Really liked bars 64, and that little harmony part. The solos and stuff were nice there.

One thing I didn't like was the drums, they got better, but in the intro and around the couple beginning bars the drums were kind of out there for me. The drums weren't bad, just different.

Great stuff. 9/10.
Wow I never thought of the intro that way, but thinking on it like that I can hear a whole 'nother palette of possibility.

Ya well the drums aren't really meant to be blazing fast metal drums, since it's more of a rock song and my drummer right now isn't that good. The music I listen to really harnesses this kind of drumming, so it might be an acquired taste. And, of course MIDI never does them justice. Anyways thanks for the input!
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Up to standard, as always.

The beginning was very nice. It all sounds really good. I liked the bass solo, but I think the bass would sound better if it was a finger, rather than a pick bass.

I like the main melody, which, , is a catchy variation of the intro. Sounds really good. All the riffs were catchy as hell, and the chorus was addictive. The solos were, as always, very good. Great song, all around.
Ah, always glad to see your crit Angel. Switched the bass, sounds much better thank you!
This song was great. an excelent listen through the whole thing. Solo parts were great. complex, but not over done. very tastefull. The harmony parts really brought the playing out.
While I do agree that the drum parts arn't stellar or anything that hasnever been done before, I do think they fit the piece well.
Excellent piece. Im considering trying to learn some of this for kicks. that is if you don't mind?
Great song.