A few days ago my friend was acting like a complete asshole. I was in the middle of a one hour transfer of music to my thumbdrive, when he unpluged the computer. I was really pissed at him and I told him that I would get him back for what he did. But I didn't do anything about it. I was waiting for the right moment and the right form of revenge. I really want to get him back. And bad. This isn't the first time he pissed me off. So I was wondering what all of you had in mind on what I should to to get my revenge. Give me some ideas. The one I like the best is the one I'll use on my friend.
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Take a bucket of mayonnaise and pour over him. or syrup... or mustard... or custard.

please tell us what happened when u had ur revenge
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You can either have sex with his family pet or grow up. Both will, in different ways, make you the bigger man. At least for a short while.
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If he pisses you off on purpose often... you could stop hanging out with him.


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I had a good laugh at my mates expense by nicking his phone for awhile and sending out some weird texts to people in his address book. The following...

To His Mum - "lets have sex. txt back soon. x"
To His Ex - "Is it cool if I date your sister" (I found out later she didn't have a sister tho ;()
To some random person - "Honestly, this isn't working out. Your fired"

Then I bluetoothed an MP3 I got of people screaming during sex and made it his text jingle.

Un-silent that phone, return it to him, time it so that replies will hopefully come during a class" and watch ultimate hilarity ensue.

lol at the people saying 'grow up'. Different things piss different people off, if one of your friends pissed you off on separate occasions (on purpose), then that's ****ed. It's his friend - why would he piss him off on purpose? You teach him a lesson (which is not to do stupid **** anymore) by doing something huge to him and just tell him: "every time you piss me off again, things like this will happen to you, so stop acting like a dumbass".

Screw all that pussy 'stop you're hurting my feelings' ****. Don't talk, just do something (I don't know what).