basically im in this band who are all really unfluenced by bands like blink 182, sum 41 etc. while im really influcened by bands like Guns n Roses, Aerosmith etc.
so the obvious thing to do would be to leave the band, but their also my best mates. so im not really sure what to do, leave, stay, try to convince them to play my style, i dunno
any ideas/suggestions?
thanks !
Leave and explain your reasons. If they're your best friends, they'll understand
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write songs which have hints of the stuff you like then slowly get them playing a style which is a combination of what you like and they like
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Tell them to play some variety.
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Maybe you should find another band to join. I was in a band a while ago, but they played punk music and I'm pretty much anti-punk (I'm a big Aerosmith fan as well). I'm happier since I've left the band, and I'm still mates with the guys in the band.
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There should be tension in bands, that makes the best music.

Bull****. It's much better to be in a band wherein all the members are on the same plane, musically.
That in mind, you should probably leave the band and form another one with likeminded friends or acquaintances (who will then become friends).
Unless you absolutely hate their music, I'd say stay in the band for now. They may not be doing the music you want, but they're friends you can jam with. That's more that I've got going for me at the moment. If you see another band (or get the chance to put one together yourself) that's more in line with your musical tastes, then by all means go for it.
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You play bass? Just leave dude, make yourself happy. Finding a bassist to play pop punk should be no issue at all for them