Well i am hoping to find people to collaberate with on this mainly lead guitar & vocals as i can cover all the other bases myself but would be happy for others to do them.

the track is on my profile

Im basically starting this thread to get some interest and to check if people think the tone is suitable

Please note i was not going for the album sound as i think im doing a cover not a copy :P
Quote by Guitar_Jester
Sounds very awesome!

Thanks ive just noticed i panned the guitars a little too wide on this so it sounds very roomy

Thanks for the feedback though
Tone is very fitting, maybe a bit less gain, or a tad bit more mid, but everything else was quite good.
I'll see if it's in my range as far as vocals as far as collab.
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yeah listening it back today i spotted the gain issue.

If it isnt we can always do it in a alternative tuning.