I've been learning the solo to Master of Puppets by Metallica and I have a question.
There's a harmonic that Kirk does that I can't seem to find. So, I checked a Guitar World tab and it says a 2.6 Natural Harmonic on the 'G' string with a pitch: 'F'.... I can't figure it out.... So, to make due, I've just been playing a Natural Harmonic over the 12th fret on 'G' along with the bar stuff that Kirk does.

It's just been annoying me for a while and my brother can't figure it out either.... Help please? Thanks in advance.
umm... well touch the string at around the midpoint of the second or third fret and strum. idk my decimal point frets...
dude..i dont know the exact theory. But just listen to the harmonic and try to replicate...dont look up the tabs or anything...just try doing it based on your ears....Thats what i did atleast..
hold down the second fret, and play the natural harmonic at the 6th fret with another finger