i'm thinking about rebuilding my cheap encore les paul. the electics are shot and need entirely replacing. i was thinking about putting in emg hz-4's in the bridge and neck. my problem is when i was looking for parts i could not find capacitors easily and the ones i could find said that they are designed for strats should that matter if i put them into my les paul.
well before you decide on EMG HZ-4s lets go through the "New Pickups?" thread checklist.

What body wood is your guitar?

What style do you play?

What type of guitar is it?
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^How the **** could you forget "what amp do you use"?

It seems like most of the people answering pickup threads recently have no clue what they're on about.
We need to know your amp.
And for the record, EMG HZs are awful; all the cons of regular EMGs, none of the pros.
.... and why ask what guitar type and wood when TS already stated that info?

my cheap encore les paul

cheap = doesnt matter but if you wanna get technical ..

encore les paul + google = india rosewood

Of course you already knew that because as you said yesterday.

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Read the posts or..
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Has anyone ever made a chart or database the ties pickups from different vendors to guitars, wood, amps, and music types? UG could get it done fast if everyone contributed.