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I do something a little different than this, all though I stay in the same position the whole time...


I repeat this over and over, using a metronome of course
Damnit he beat me to it i saw the thread name and was thinkin f that exact arpeggio! dethklok rules! \m/ Sweeps it properly please!
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I preffer this one.

----------------14------------------- 26nps FTW!

Exact arpeggio I learned first. Dethklok.
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I didnt have anything planned out, and I didn't know **** about improvising, so it was like "OH SHI- SOLO TIME" so I kerry-kinged it.

very easy to begin with, harmonic minor scale. patern can be used at frets 2, 5, 8, 11, 14 etc might have the change your ringfinger around a bit(the one on the B string)
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