I just got maself my first amp ever.... a valvetronix ad15vt. It is B-E-A-UTIFUL. However im trying to get some sounds that i just cant figure out.

Could anyone help me with settings ideas for Dream On and Walk this way? Like model, gian, volume, treble, mids, bass, and effects.

I jsut have bad ears and don't have hours to mess around
experiment with the British models. Im pretty sure theyve used Marshalls for the longest time. If you have humbuckers in your guitar, a good solo tone similar to theirs should be easy with a good dose of mids in your tone. Gain would be at about 60% or so for the leads, maybe 40% or so for rhythms, maybe less.
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SO many presets for you to try on that site! Really good starting point for finding some good sounds with your new amp!

Yea i've been to that site... found out about in on here actually. Amazing site, I just cant freakin find a good Aerosmith sound. And to the dude with the link to settings thread, those dont' really work very well with a valvetronix