Well i've been looking at the Line 6 toneport UX1 and the UX2. I don't know which one to get . I need something simple to hook up to my laptop and record the drums off of my Digitech pedal maybe.

I don't need anything fancy cuz i don't have alot of experience recording stuff yet.

So does anyone think this is a good starter kit to get and if so will i be able to somehow get my drum kit off my digitech RP pedal to work with it?

Thanks for any help !
Can't you record with the RP?

If not, I suggest you buy the UX1, because you don't have much experience, but I'm just a n00b.
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Check into Firewire. It will be a lot cheaper if you are just recording drums off of a pedal. I have the Guitar Port, which is like the same thing, but only with a 1/4" input. I'm not too impressed with the tone (it seems really ratty most of the time) but either the UX1 or 2 are definitely a good place to start if you are just getting into recording. I think the only difference is another XLR plug isn't it? In that case, go with the UX1 because it is cheaper.
line 6 has discontinued the toneports and have renamed them "pod studios"... although im sure some stores probably have some toneports in stock. But i would recommend the new pod studios because they come with pod farm.

i have a pod studio gx (same as toneport gx) and i think its really good, it even comes with ableton live for recording with, i don't use it to record though cause i find the quality isn't as good as say audacity (which is a free program). anyways ableton has a thing where u can make your own drum tracks, and you can also download basic drum beats from the line 6 website... will the drums in your RP work if plugged into your pod studio? i would assume so, i have never tried it myself though.
personally though i'd just make the drum beats because its gonna be better quality than the drum tracks from your RP.

as for your choice between the ux1 and ux2 if you're just a beginner and recording and will only be recording guitar/bass/vocals you can get the gx (what i have) it has all the features you need.
FYI, the toneport gx's can be used with the new podfarm. you just need to download it - i have a toneport gx and I can use pod farm on it.
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