I'm trying to make my parents comp a little faster, is there anything else I can do besides going into add remove programs and deleting all the stuff they don't need?
get more RAM, what are the current specs of the pc?
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Defragging can bring up the speed abit, even cleaning the inside can speed it up.

Other than repalcing bits, nothing much really.
Ccleaner, along with the aforementioned disk cleanup and defrag, and a RAM upgrade.

Also, you could try opening it up and cleaning out the dust.
My computer started out fast. Really fast! Now it's only kinda fast...
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Get a registry cleaner and clean the gunk from the registry.

Also get smart defrag, does a decent job of defragging your hard drive, unlike the windows defragger.

Get Revo Uninstaller and use it to remove programs, it'll hunt down registry keys and unnecessary folders/files the craptacular windows installer will leave behind.
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My computer started out fast. Really fast! Now it's only kinda fast...

My computer's fast! Finally! Even though it's a Mac and your ad says everywhere "PC only"!


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cleaning up desktop icons, running an disk defrag and disk check at startup, search for viruses or spyware, and keep unwanted programs away from running in the background.(close them via Task Manager or unselect them from running at startup start>run>type "msconfig".what you do there makes you responsible for making it better or preparing a windows cd :p
If the computer is several years old then reformatting and reloading the operating system and applications will give you the biggest increase in performance. However, you need to backup all files, pictures, music, etc. BEFORE beginning this project. You must also have all of the original program disks and and operating system disk to do the reinstall. Although some systems have a recovery partition in which to perform a system restore.

If you're not comfortable doing this level of computer work, then registry cleaners such as those already mentioned, deleting temporary files, and defragging will get some minimal performance back. Adding RAM will garner more speed in that your system won't have to write paging or temporary files to the hard drive as quickly. The system will write those files to memory which is must faster.
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Disk defrag, virus scan, clean up temporary files.

Beyond that you'll need to start spending money.
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You can overclock the processor. I don't know how though; it might be hard to do.
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inb4 system32 etc.

Download a decent defragger like these guys have said. Maybe purchase some more RAM?