Im still composing this one but i just wanted to get some input on it so far.

Do not give this man your respect
He chose to ostracise, criticize, and neglect
For do not give this man what you think he deserves
He chose to second guess, sit back and observe
For this man does not deserve what he recieves
He chse to lie, cheat, condemn and decieve
For do not share with this man your visions
He will rape, steal, and offer stolen decisions
For do not tell this man your thoughts and dreams
He will abuse your trust and make them for all to see
You don't really give the person a face. You just say "oh, he's a bad person, he'll do this, he'll do that, yadayada". You don't really give it a tangible backdrop for these descriptions to ring off of.
I was thinking much the same as ninjamonkey. Also, the rhyme scheme seems a little unnecessary, the rhyming couplets sound forced. There was no hook in the first verse, nothing that intrigued me and made me want to continue reading. It seemed more like a list of adjectives than anything else.
Anyway, just a few thoughts...