Hi, I have to complete a report on a jazz/blues artist and I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend me one as I cannot think of any off the top of my head right now. The only thing bluesy I can think of right now is a couple of "Between The Buried and Me" songs, but I don't know if I should follow that up.
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hahahahahaha, I think you should go ahead with between the buried and me!

Or you could try Robert Johnson, he's good but he ripped off BTBAM
LOL, you cant be serious. Its insulting to us all to call that blues. But if you really are serious, id say Robert Johnson had a pretty interesting life and would make a fun report.
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I heard Avenge Sevenfold was a good example of Jazz.

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lol btbam.... but seriously look at brian setzer or the stray cats stuff, its both!
^ No.

Robert Johnson would be a fine one. He's the most well known of the delta blues musicians, you could easily comment on how he wasn't well known back then only having 1 real hit with Terraplane Blues, but now being the biggest.

However, if you think BTBAM is blues, you shouldn't bother with this and just get in trouble. I'm not sure you know what blues or jazz is.
To be fair on the guy BTBAM do have huge jazz influence in a lot of their songs. Especially the guitarists soloing style when they're playing a slow groove instead of 250BPM sweep picking.

You could do it about jazz and blues influence on other music and use BTBAM but you're probably better off doing one of the greats like Muddy or Buddy Guy or Skip James or something.
Eh..I'm just not digging these guys. I do realize that BTBAM isn't exactly blues/jazz in that sense but to be honest though it's the only thing closest to blues/jazz that I enjoy. I was hoping for something more close to Paul Waggoner's style though when it comes to blues/jazz. Also, I was really hoping I could do it on something I like which would make it a lot more interesting. The only problem I have is that there really isn't a lot of info on Paul Waggoner.

EDIT: Ha, after looking up Paul Waggoner's influences I found this guy named Pat Metheny and Allan Holdsworth. What do you guys think?
"Be it a rock or a grain of sand, in water they sink as the same."
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