FS/T: Digitech Hardwire Pedals, Carbon Copy, Boss CH-5, Dano Fab Tone, and MORE

Looking to get rid of some of my pedals. This is my first post here, so feel free to check my eBay feedback. My user name there is diehardyankeefan1

Dano Fab Tone- Big maroon colored pedal. Great condition, no box or manuals. Asking $25 shipped.

Digitech Hardwire SC-2 Valve Distortion- If you haven't tried this line of pedals, do it now. Digitech nailed it. I've owned probably 50 different distortion and overdrive pedals and this is in the top 5 for tube tone. Look up some reviews and videos. VERY versatile. This is a week old, comes in original plastic and box with all paperwork and stuff that came with it. VIRTUALLY NEW! Asking $80 + shipping.

Digitech TL-2 Metal Distortion- Best high gain pedal I have ever owned, BAR NONE! Blows all other Digitech, Boss, Keeley modded, and other high gain pedals out of the water as far as tone and versatility go. Check out some videos and reviews. One week old, got it when I got the valve distortion. Comes with original box, in original plastic and includes everything it came with. VIRTUALLY NEW! Asking $80 + shipping

Boss CE-5 Chorus pedal - Used maybe 5-6 times. Comes in original box, in original plastic and includes everything it came with. Has velcro on the bottom but I can remove it. LIKE NEW! Pretty self explanatorty pedal, sounds awesome. Asking $65 shipped

Dunlop Crybaby Classic (Fasel) - Fair condition I guess, a bit rough. The bottom is detached, just needs to be screwed on. Only works with power adapter, the battery cord thingy has been removed. Has a bit of hot glue remains on the on bottom where I removed a false bottom when I thought I was going to use this instead of a switchless wah. Works great, but does make a little bit of crackling at times when engaged. Sounds like a wah should sound. $35 shipped

PLEASE PM me or send me an email to prestonbumpus@hotmail.com for pics.. don't load this thread with replys. It gets confusing.