i have 3 push pulls in my guitar, where do i hook the ground up to?
also does anyone have a diagram on how to hook up the input jack?
Look in the 1st page of the Ultimate wiring thread + click the links to manufacturers sites to get the answer to both these questions.

Also I'm pretty sure the diagram that guitarcam123 was kind enough to draw for you included the input jack.
i cant find where the ground is mentioned anywhere.
where all the wires come together on the volume pot. i dont have that since i have 3 push pulls. where do i put that pile of solder?
You can ground to the bottom of the pps = the casing not the terminals.
You can even ground to the 'side' of the pot case rather than the bottom.
Be aware that either choice (or the bottom of a pot when available) will require 'tinning' with solder to prepare it to hold solder properly.

Those pics were a bit blurry but is this your switch:


If it is then ignore the switching lug and just solder:

Ground to the ring terminal (the one connected to the centre ring of the switch).
Hot to the 'tip' terminal (the one connected to the post that touches the tip of the plug when inserted).

To be honest it might just be easier to get a 2 terminal mono switch and keep that 3 terminal in case you ever decide to get active pickups
i ordered one, this is just what i used to have installed before, using the wires like i described would work correct?

and also, what exactly is "tinning"?
Whatever wire you have from your vol or switch is hot = to tip.
Whatever wire you put from ground to switch ground = ring.

If there are already wires attached and the white goes to tip terminal and the bare goes to ring terminal then yes the wires are as you said.

Tinning is just soldering (nothing) onto a component/wire/lug whatever until the solder begins to 'flow' properly. It's hard to describe but I'm sure there are soldering 'how-to' vids out there if you google or search you-tube (I think Seymour Duncan has some on their site). As soon as you see it once you'll know what I mean. Once the solder flows onto the item (rather than just sit on top so you can knock it off) it creates a patch where it's easier to solder other items with better conductivity.
ok, ive done some research. i found out how to tin a soldering iron and how to tin a wire. i cant seem to be able to find how to use that information on a volume pot. any help would be great