So my Carvin v3 came in today. Got it off ebay with all tubes replaced with JJ's and the 6l6gt tubes included as well. Also both footswitches (dunno why both). 720 in total. So whats the thread without pics!

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very, very awesome. nice avatar cab as well. what speakers are in it/how's it sound with the head ?

we have the same korg tuner.
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Clipz NAO!
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Sweet man, congrats! Looks like a beast... Probably sounds like one too.
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Lol funny you say that, the ups guy was struggling carrying the box from the truck to my house. It is icy here right now so im glad he didnt fall. Clips will come as soon as i take out and set up my sm57 again. I havent had an amp since i sold my Super Reverb so now i can record again

As for the sound. This thing has it all, classic rock crunch, metal rythm and leads. The master mid scoop turns this from a thrash monster to a death metal machine. My only beef is that the clean channel seems kinda wimpy in comparison to the two gain channels. I had to turn done the channel columes and turn up the master volume to have a comparable level between the 3 channels.
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Too many knobs