I"m learning a song, and the guitar comes in on the "1 and" point rather than on the 1 beat. I'm having a hard time coming in exactly on the right beat. whats some good ways I can practice to fix this problem. cause i"m taping to the 1st and 3rd beat of the 4/4 song.
by the "one and" I'm guessing you mean the "and" of beat one. depending on the speed of the song, you could try different things. first just try tapping your foot with every beat and come in while your foot is as high as it gets (exactly in between beats). you could also think 1+2+3+4+ etc in your head and come in where you have to. if it's a faster song, try counting "1 2 3 4 1" and then come in. kind of hard to explain sorry i can't do it better
tap the eighth note beat instead of the quarter note. or if nothing else tap every note but come in when you foot is off the ground.
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Well, one way is to grab your metronome, and try playing a muted note on the beat (1, 2 etc) and then play the chord on the "and", like they do in Ska or to a degree reggae.

Another method is to play stright eitgh notes with your strumming hand, and then to use thwe fret hand to mute any strums you dfonl;t want so knockin on heavns dor would be dxduxudux rather than d du udu, won't work for ebvrything though. Try learnin some ACDC, they use a lot of syncopaton, or reggae or even funk.