hey guys so we're really new (almost a month) and we made one of the songs within 2 hours and the other we worked on i guess a bit.

we dont usually have time to practice so this is with like a 3 hour rehearsal.

check us out and plz rate/comment
tell us how we're doing and what we should work on.
constructive criticism plz!

there's a lot of mess ups but i think we have some cool ideas...just need to clean them up a bit

here are the links...we're trying to go for like somewhat of a post rock sound
enjoy (hopefully)

oh yea and we know that the audio quality sucks and it doesn't sound too great...but yea...we used what we could



thanks guys
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thanks guys i really appreciate it!
idk me and the rest of the band were talking about adding vocals but we all agree that we want to be instrumental and vocals dont really sound good at the moment (at least with these songs)
but maybe in future songs we'll have a bit of vocals in it and stuff.
so do you guys have suggestions or anything about what would make our music more enjoyable to listen to?
thanks and i appreciate you guys watching!
post and comment on the youtube video!!!!
It was nice, you played around with structures and notes that wouldnt normally be in a 'straight' post-rock song. This made it more interesting to me the listener. However, i feel you are still perhaps trying to hard to be all 'post-rock'.

The main problem with the said genre, is there is very little individuality between bands and songs even. So do whatever you can to make it as different as possible.