So I recently put together a band called Backspace, we've got a sort of indie-blues style, and we had our first practice the other day. I have to say that I think we sounded fairly nice, but there was an issue with one of our members named Noah.
I initially told him he could play bass in the band, and he said sure, he'd do it. But once we got to practicing, he insisted on playing drums, and he had his guitar with him, and suddenly insisted he play rhythm guitar. I showed him some chords, and he said it was too hard and he wouldn't do it. So, to not hurt his feelings, I offered him vocals, bass guitar, and auxiliary percussion, but he said no to all of them and insisted on drums. So after all this, the whole band doesn't want him in. By now I'm one hell of a yes-man, and a pleaser, and all that. How do I drop him so he gets the point that he shouldn't come back?
Also one of my best friends that are girls is his girlfriend. So, yeah.
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seriously though, i had a situation like this once,

you only go as fast as the slowest camel, and he sounds pretty slow...
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I'd kick him, because he sounds indecisive and clueless. And you'll never get anywhere with someone like that.

I dunno how though... maybe just tell him exactly what you think of the way he acted and see what he says. If he can grow up then maybe he could stay in and it could work, but if he's as immature as he sounds he might just leave. Alternatively, just tell him that he's out, because he seems to have the wrong attitude.
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Hey man, just tell him he can play bass, and do a little percussion if he wants to be in the band, and if he doesn't want to no one is forcing him to be in the band. You can't try to please someone so selfish, they don't deserve it and someone is going to be unhappy in the end. And about his girlfriend, she probably won't hate you if you kick him out if she is one of your best friends.
The whole band doesn't want him in + he's an ass? Kick him out NOW.
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say your breaking up and start another band with a differnent name (which was needed anyway) with the same people!

tell him to play what you guys need him to play, or join another band. or, if the rest of band really doesn't want him around, just grow a pair and tell him to get lost.

and don't budge on that.
The best way is to tell him exactly what you think, if you skirt around the issue and constantly be nice to him then he'll keep acting the same way and won't have any reason to change.
I had a friend who's girlfriend knew he sucked at guitar and loved him anyways. Not that big of a deal
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say your breaking up and start another band with a differnent name (which was needed anyway) with the same people!

I wasn't looking for insults about the name.

But yeah, thanks guys, it helped alot! He's out now and we're progressing.