So here's another little thing to keep us from getting bored so much

I sleep in the same room with my brother who snores, so it gets reeeeally annoying, which brought the idea of this topic.

The point is to rate your family member's snoring level. So if someone snores epic loud, it'd be volume10(MAX) gain10(MAX).

volume= volume....
gain= that distortion sound.. can't describe it.. but you probably know what i mean

Mom-vol3 gain2
Brother-vol4 gain 6
Dad- vol8 gain 8

EDIT: for myself, I'd say vol4 gain1, as people have told me it just seems like i'm breathing loud when I sleep
Mom-11 (Because it's one more than 10)

Seriously, I can hear her snoring from two flights away. It's super loud and super distorted.

Dad-3 Not bad, but he does snore.

Brother-3 He snores(he turns 14 on Saturday)

I am the only one in my family who doesn't snore.
Wow. No.
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Do you love Arsis?
I'd give my Mum a 9
My Dad a 6 because he has poor endurance
and my brother a 4 because his anus is too tight

Volume: 3
Gain: 2


Volume: 7
Gain: 6


Volume: 11
Gain: 11


Volume: 5
Gain: 3

w/Talk-box and Auto-wah.
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Volume: 4
Gain: 2


Volume: 9
Gain: 7


Volume: 1
Gain: 0
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