Sorry to put you off but matching amps to speaker cabinets for optimum sound is quite a science. Basically both the speaker and the cabinet are tuned items and they need to be tuned together. Just replacing the speaker would be like replacing the strings on your bass and then tuning them by making them 'just as tight as the old ones'. The chance of the basslites being the same as the built in speakers are fairly remote. Having said that the tuning only really makes a difference at the lower frequencies. If you were a guitarist it would make less difference. You could try contacting Eminence for information but if the designs in their speaker design and construction book are anything to go by then they are a bit cavalier about their maths. (I am such a nerd) If you want to pursue this then get a look at the Loudspeaker design cookbook by Vance Dickason. Changing the speaker will change the sound even in a well designed cabinet. I think the basslite has push terminals so you won't need your soldering iron but remember it may be a slightly different size to the original speaker so you may have to take a saw to the cabinet.
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Quote by grifff
I have this cab and I might switch the speaker to this one only to save weight.

Would there be any tonal differences in the two speakers?

Would this be an easy job requiring only soldering?

Is it worth the 120$?

How much weight could I knock off the cab?

The 300 watt Eminence Neo has a more rounded bottom end in a small cab than the 450 watt Eminence Neo, I have both models . the price is right also.
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