I've been trying to learn pinch harmonics and i can do them on my friends guitar somewhat but when I try my guitar it doesn't work. I only have one single coil pickup.

Could the pickup be affecting the pinch harmonics? Also the neck on my guitar is really short so could that affect them?
Not anywhere as much as people think they do.
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Good strings help, coated strings suck. Some active or high output pups help boost the highs and offer better sustain on the harmonics. Generally most single coils are not as good as humbuckers for pinch harmonics.
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Its more technique than anything else really. I know a guy who can pull them off on an acoustic. How much gain and treble are you using? From what I've experienced, the more gain and treble the better. I've haven't tried on single coils though. Theres a sweet spot on every string for the pinch harmonic too.
more gain and bend the **** out of the note. i can get them to ring out fine on a sss fender strat, full gain on the tubescreamer though.
It's more of where you hit it at, not sure the pickup means anything. I can get them unplugged if I hit the right spot
you can even hear pinches somewhat when you arent plugged in, so just keep trying
yeah, listen to sifon

pinch harmonics can be done on any guitar, it is a skill and will work as well as the time you put into it

try practicing them clean a little, makes doing them with hi-gain a breeze
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Distortion and gain help a lot. Also the place on the string where u "pinch" them matters too. Better pickups do help a little.
not really the pickups so much
its all in the technique ,I can do them on every guitar ive played
i will say that emgs put more bite into them though
also different areas on the string will produce a different harmonic
Well, it kinda all comes together, depends on the guitar, pick ups, strings and amp.
You can get them on every guitar to make it clear, but on some it's easier.
What I've learned is that more gain=better harmonics, but too much gain makes them last shorter. You have to kinda try out different places on the neck and different techniques.
what about lipstick tube pickups? try as i might, i couldn't get pinch harmonics to work worth a ****e on my danelectro
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