Alright, so I have a 1967 Fender Super Reverb and today for some reason it started buzzing...but only on certain notes. C and B (frets 4 and 5) on the 3rd string and C# and C (8 and 9) on the 4th!!!! It's almost like a whiny buzz and if I throw on the distortion and turn it up it makes it worse. I've played a telecaster and an epiphone sg through it and it happened on both, so I know it's not the pickups or the frets themselves. More treble on the amp makes it worse and it happens on both channels. This is the weirdest problem, but hopefully someone can help!? I assume it's just the frequencies those notes give off that is causing the problem, but I cannot say for sure. Oh ya, turning off my computer and monitor didn't help.

it could be some loose components on the amp, it could also be the guitar cable your using.

try different cables, look for loose parts on the amp and if you find any either tighten them or bring them to a tech.

if you can't find the problem take it to a tech and have the tech look at it.

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