Hey guys, I need some serious help.

At the moment i have a Mexican Fender Stratocaster which has three single coil pick-ups.

I have had it for awhile but did a little research and found out for the style of music I play it would be better to go with a humbucker pick-up instead of a single coil.

I dont have the money for a new guitar and I don't want to sell the strat so would it be possible to some how switch out my bridge single coil pick-up and slap a humbucker like the Seymour Duncan SH-8 Invader in there?

Thanks for the help!
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Yea, pretty sure, just have ensure it will fit i.e. pick guard cut, guitar routed (I don't know about strats so I don't know if they are) and then wire it up

So all the wires i need are in the guitar its just a matter of buying the humbucker and fitting the pick guard?

By the way thank you for the help!
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So all the wires i need are in the guitar its just a matter of buying the humbucker and fitting the pick guard?

By the way thank you for the help!

As long as the wires are the same, like there has be 2 wires on the single coil and 2 wires on the 'bucker I believe. I know about as much as a mule about electronics but I know my basics. I Think...
Yeah, you could change your Strat to a H-H pickup configuration.

Check under the pickguard to make sure it's been routed to allow for humbuckers though.
the invader is a good sounding pickup for heavy distorted muddy metal, if you dont want to modify your guitar/pickguard, may i recommend the duncan JB jr. for the bridge position, and the duncan 59' jr for the neck. they fit in SC slots.
well there was also another one i was interested in which was the HotRails pickup

would anybody know how that one compares to the invader?
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the invader is overly-hot, very muddy. the rails pickups are very sterile sounding, ceramic magnets and packed into a small space, they just don't sound very good.


If you want to keep it simple, the Little '59 + JB Junior combo is good, though I think a MIM Strat should be routed HSS, it would just be a matter of getting a different pickguard if you wanted to put a full-size humbucker in. Check, either way.

If you want the project to go a little further, there's nothing stopping you from just routing out the cavities.
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Ah i see, well i looked into the JB Jr. and i think i may actually go with that one cuz it will save some time and some money. thanks for the suggestion and all the help everyone!
i know this is a question i probably should have asked earlier
according to a lot of people the invader is mostly used for metal but others say it is also used for punk

The sound i am looking for is something that ranges from Blink 182, simple plan, lost prophets, to incubus, staind, finger eleven

Would the JB Jr. Fit that more than the invader?
yeah, it will be fine. the invader is just a distortion mud machine, youll notice metal and punk consists of instruments with awful tone. thats why. the jb will let you explore almost any type of genre.