okay i was looking around for some amps online and found this little blackstar for 400 bucks. Does anyone know if its any good .. i heard it on youtube and it sounds pretty good...

I know it's a tube amp and it's only 5 watts . Will it work with a multi effects pedal or should i get single effects?

I play rock and blues most of the time!
It'd be great for you
and multieffects work fine but as a general rule, individual stomp boxes work better
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now i heard that the individuals boxes are usually for people that perform.. so is this not true what they told me? I was leaning towards getting some stomp boxes cuz i feel like i'm wasting much of the multi effects cuz i only use the first five and they are all custom.
ok... well i am planning on gettin it when i get my refund soon...
so lookin forward to it..
i saw some vids on it and it sounds pretty good on there so it must sound amazing .