Next year ill be moving out of uni dorms and into a shared house and i thought id treat myself to a new amp. Im looking for a combo in the 15 watt range, thats not gonna go above £200. Id like it to be flexible and its for playing punk/Hard rock and maybe a little metal. Think greenday-Chillis- audioslave-soundgarden.

Right now im looking specifically aat these two:

The Roland Microcube


Peavey Vypyr

Both about the same price, but im leaning towards the Vypyr as it seems to have much more to offer than the cube but im not set just yet.

Thoughts on these two? and any more i should be aware of?

the Vypyrs better than the Cube
but you should really try both of them out for yourself first
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i like the cube.. haven't played the vypyr yet tho..

too busy with my TT i suppose
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Oh I apologize, I read over you're price range. Please, discard my spidervalve recommendation. I would go with the vyper, as well.
Roland Cube 15x is 59 euro on Total Music Supply in Belfast. Don't get ripped off. I fancy one of those myself at that price.
Also look at Orange Crush 15 and Peavey Rage 258 in your price range (from Thomann)

EDIT: Oh its £200 budget not £100 Cool.
Then Thomann have a B stock HIWATT G50-112R or the prime stock is just within your price range. That's make an okay gigging amp as well as quiet or mute practice.
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