hey I'm a new song writer so please tips about writing and suggestions would be awesome.

i was going for this minor ska/punk thing

tell me whatcha think guys!

watcha ganna do when he comes for you? X8

last night I had a dream

I was walking down a street

alone in the dark alleys was me

saw her just walking by

i thought be nice alteast say hi

hey do you wanna walk with me?

then she looked at me

straight face, no laugh, no smile and she said to meee

no no i dont wanna walk with you, no no i dont wanna walk with you

no no is what she said to me, no no is how its ganna be

no no no no no no

woke up in fright

is this my future? this cant be right

next day was found on the ground

killed by a flesh wound

but i think it was the other way aroundddd


the next day he was buried knowone knew why nobody wanted to see

this is a true story you can go in a hurry

or you can slow down and see whats the scurry

I didnt know the hurry X16

So she told me to stop!!!