Im planning to buy a bass amp for practice and gigs, and my friend says that I should invest in getting a Carvin.

Haven't really heard much about carvin besides my friend, just wanting to others opinion.
Several people on the bass forum own them. I actually demo-ed them at the Sacramento store. For the price, amazing quality and performance. I am not huge on transparent amps, but you would be hard pressed to find anything of that quality in the same price range.

I would recommend them highly.
I've just started looking at them too. I read some reviews and everyone said they were good. Sorry I can't give you anything more than that.

And Anarkee, what do you mean by "transparent amps"?
They don't colour the sound at all. They add nothing to the tone. For instance Ampeg amps add a distinctive tone to your sound--the Classic "Ampeg" round tone. I tend to lean towards those types--like the Fender Bassman, the classic Trace Elliots, the HiWatts etc. I'm really old school in that way.

Transparent amps give a clean sound close to the actual sound of your bass.
Sorry for hi-jacking your thread a bit, but I figured this might be benificial ^^

I understand that it can be a personal thing, but is the general consensus leaning the same way as you? I wish I weren't so bloody frugal. Every little piece of information I hear changed my mind.
That's a good question and I really don't know the answer. It might be worth throwing out a poll thread to query the Bass forum users.
That would work. I have a feeling you'll find more transparent fans, but with this forum, you can never be sure.
As far as Carvin goes they easily have the best bang for the buck out of any amp company around. They're also a fairly safe choice because chances are you'll like them, they're extremely versatile and have hefty wattage.
I own the BX600 bass amp from carvin and its definitely the best bass purchase I've ever made. Because they are factory direct you'd be hard pressed to find something of the same quality for that price.

I personally prefer the tone that comes from a transparent amp because i feel like I'm hearing my bass. Whenever you play through something like an ampeg you hear that it's an ampeg. Transparency means your bass gives the character.

Also if you are looking for a matching cab carvin make fantastic Neodymium cabs and great prices.
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I've got the SBR410, which is a BX600 head and BR410 cab. It is pretty clear sounding, but only if you want it to be. The EQ on the BX600/1200 is very, very powerful. I had a SansAmp Bass Driver borrowed from a friend, and was nearly able to match the tone of it, even with mild overdrive.

It's built well, too, and the cab is extremely sensitive. I've played a few outdoor gigs with it, one without PA support, and have never had to push it past half volume even though it only runs 225W @ 8-ohms.
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