We formed a while back, but it took us a while to get into the studio; there's 3 tracks up on the myspace, they're all demos but I think they're presentable. I'm sorry the bass is so hidden on these versions cause it really matters in the songs, but I'll update the tracks as I get better mixes.


Please pop in, leave a comment, add us, and let me know what you think.

Edit: Just added the tracks to my profile as well.
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I listened to Sunrise in the Second Renaissance. I liked the song, the only thing I can say I didn't like, was the lack of a drum beat (until the solo). When the vocals came in, a slow (mellow) drum beat with a somewhat-loose hi-hat would've been really appropriate, I thought the rhythm on the snare killed it >_< Band as a whole did really well though, I liked the vocalist, and the solo was nice. (oh btw, it sounded like a drum machine when your drummer did that fill with the 32nd notes on the snare). Thanks for the crit.
It was a drum machine which would explain your concerns. Thanks for the crit.

I'm the singer, composer and guitarist, though there's two of us and we share solos on the tracks in the myspace only I solo.
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I added you a couple days back but i thought i'd pass on some crit anyways.

I really liked the music.

Criticsm wise: The Vocals need work, i can see potential they're certainly not bad - its almost as if your in tune with yourself but not the backing. I don't know if thats just me saying that because i don't know too much about vocals.

The bass does indeed need to be louder
Yeah, some of the tracks are a bit high for me. I'm not sure I critiqued your tracks? I'm pretty sure I did, anyway I have no really suggestions to make, you have your genre nailed.
I reaaaaaaally liked it. Vocals are REALLY cool, I liked the guitar, decent sounding mix. Only concern is the drums. I see that you used a drum machine, but so did we (check out the song "Party" for an example) but it doesn't sound nearly as... drum machine-ish. We used EZ Drummer into FL Studio for our mix, both completely LEGIT UNPIRATED versions. . . . . . .... or something.

But yeah, honestly, very cool. I added your band on MySpace on my band's account (Power Pirate). Feel free to check us out on MySpace!
Thanks minichibi, it's good to see some one's into our stuff. Yours is really cool too, and your right Party does have cool sounding drums. I really like electro rock, and you guys make some cool stuff.

Thanks for the add.
The vocals take some getting used to, but they are unique which is almost always a bonus in my book. It is in this case, as they compliment the style of the songs (which I like). Now you just need to get some good recordings with your drummer...
We'll try to keep the vocals at lower frequencies in the future, makes them less harsh for a first time listener.
New songs!
We re-recorded Oil Paints in a lower key, it sounds much better, and new track, Agnostic Confession, which is quite different from our other stuff but I think you guys should like it.

I hope my attempt to not spam the forum is appreciated, I'd rather open a new thread...