Hey there

where in the US I can find the best prices for guitars and amps?

I looking for Fenders and Gibsons

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ZJEDIT: Or if u want to go used and save some $, check out ebay. I got my Cube for $250, when its $400 new.
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ebay if your're good with used.
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pawn shop
on the street in Chicago


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guitar center

EDIT: if you want used, ebay is usually pretty good. got a used Gibson explorer, very good condition for 800 with case and shipping
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used man seriously
got my peavey bandit 112 used for $180
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I wanna buy used guitars
for really good prices
what state is the best?
where I can find a lot of guitars?
and a lot of guitarists in US?
ebay if youre down w/ used. musiciansfriend if it HAS to be new
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go to guitar shops.
they should have used. thats where i got my amp
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